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weekend with friends

Lately, we’ve gotten the opportunity to hang out nearly every weekend with some pretty awesome friends. K and him are basically the same people in different bodies. It makes for one intense bromance.

Anyway, they have two A.DOR.A.BLE. twin boys. Like, make-me-wanna-have-babies type babies. Gah. They also have two little fluffy white dogs. Jessie adores ALL OF THESE THINGS. That being said, we took her with us while we stayed basically moved in for the weekend. She was in.heaven. For real, guys. She wasn’t sure whether to lick the babies every time one of them made a sound or play with the dogs until they all fell over from exhaustion.

We had an awesome weekend. We got a rare opportunity to have a nice dinner, sans babies. There was much alcohol and even more laughter. It was definitely the kind of weekend we needed.

K and I were pooped by the end. Jessie managed to eat dinner, find her favorite ball, then was dead to the world for a full 36 hours. As I took this picture, she was snoring so loud it was basically sucking the paint off the walls.

Thanks for enduring my little life update– it was definitely a weekend to be remembered!


pulled pork on the fly

… because there is literally nothing else edible in the house and I refused to go back to the grocery store for the third time in a week.

That seemed like entirely too long of a title for the post, so it got shortened.

There’s just something about pulled pork. I mean, yeah, it tastes good, but when it’s done right it’s just… pretty. It makes my heart go pitter-patter.

Start out with about a 5 pound pork butt. Why on EARTH are they called that when they’re actually from the shoulder? I tried Googling it, but then lost interest. So, if you find out, let me know.

Back to the butt. Heh.

I made a rub out of whatever I grabbed from the spice cabinet. You can be creative. That ended up being Nature’s Seasoning (I seriously, SERIOUSLY, love this stuff. It goes great on absolutely everything. Go getcha some. Seriously.), garlic powder, chili powder, cayenne, brown sugar, and some of McCormick’s Grill Mates Smokehouse Maple. (This stuff smells DIVINE. If they made it as a man’s cologne I would dunk K in it and would be in heaven. I know, that’s weird. Sorry.)

Rub that mixture all over the meat, then I quartered an onion and tossed it in the bottom of my 3-quart dutch oven.
(My dutch oven is a ShopKo brand–nothing fancy)

Place the meat on top of the onions, and pour a bottle/can of beer over it (K had Mic Ultra in the fridge) as well as a few teaspoons of liquid smoke, and a few dashes of hot sauce. If you don’t use Cholula hot sauce, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. 

I also make sure to give the top one final dusting of brown sugar. This caramelizes beautifully in the oven and gives the pork a crust that is to.die.for. 


After all that is done, put the lid on and put it in the oven at 300 degrees. When I’m making things like pulled pork, I really don’t see the point in preheating the oven. I mean, when it’s going to be in there for at least 6 hours, does it reeeeeally matter if the oven is up to temp when it goes in??

My brain says no. I also just forgot to preheat it beforehand.

Make sure to come back every two(ish) hours and CAREFULLY flip the meat over. I made a huge mess and got hot burning hot beer and pork juice all over my shirt and arms and top of my stove. So please, be careful. Don’t be like me.

On the last flip, the pork needs to end fat-side up and cook that way for at least an hour and a half(ish)… you can tell I’m very technical. The reason for this is so the top of the pork has a chance to get little crispy bits that will make your skirt fly up. YUM.

When you’ve got your skirt settled, grab some large spoons or spatulas and try to transfer the pork to a surface where you can shred it.
Disclaimer: there is an 84.59% chance that the pork will break apart and will made a large SPLAT on your counter. Say a few curse words and embrace it because this pork will be worth having to bleach your counters later. I promise. 

Use two forks to shred the pork and try to keep the drool undoubtedly falling from your mouth from getting into the pork. Before you transfer the pork back into the liquid, use a spoon and try to skim off as much of the fat floating at the top of the liquid as possible.

After this is done, transfer the meat back to the pot (during which time more will fall onto your counter and make a larger mess).

Now you’re ready to eat! I toasted up some Kaiser rolls and served the pork with some coleslaw on top (is there really any other way??)

Here’s a downloadable PDF file with the recipe! Pulled Pork on the Fly


diving in

Hello, blog world! I’m anticipating that nobody will ever read this. As K says, this will be another one of my “projects” that I start with gusto for days and then . . . . poof. Gone.

He may be right. I’m giving my last project the stink-eye. It was messy and required vacuuming afterwards. Not about that life.

Even I’m not sure why I’m starting a blog. This very well could be the product of me stalking reading my favorite blogs a liiiiiiittle too much now that I have time to because it’s summer.

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, Michelle. List the things you want to blog about when you forget in the future:

  • makeup and hair for broke girls…. because, teacher’s salary
    • reviews of cheap makeup/hair products that make me look presentable (HOLLA)
  • recipes that I make up on the fly and my husband still eats
  • random life undertakings and babblings

I’m a list freak. I have lists for my lists. I forget ALLTHETHINGS if they’re not on a list. It’s one of my many qualities quirks things K makes fun of me for.

Michelle, you’re boring the invisible people out there! Sorry.