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Photo Dump– and a life update.

Sometimes, you start a blog with the best of intentions. Sometimes your really good friends send you AMAZING birthday presents and you love them, but keep forgetting to blog about it (SORRY BERT! I promise, it’s coming!!) Sometimes you start cooking and realize, “Umm, hey, I should be taking pictures of this for the blog,” but you’re already halfway through the recipe. Sometimes you promise yourself that you’re going to try to post twice a week. However, sometimes that promise happens to be at the end of the summer and those promises fall by the wayside. FAST.

So, since It took approximately THREE posts for me to fall behind, I’m going to skip over the Birchbox review this month. I feel like if I just post three of those in a row, that’s all I’ll ever end up posting here. Instead, I’m going to show you what my life has been in pictures the last few months.

Well, to start off with, I’m teaching kindergarten this year. It’s been a HUGE jump from third grade, but honestly, I.LOVE.IT! I love it way more than I even expected that I would. My kinderbabes are just SO eager and sweet!

K and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! The bakery that we went through for our wedding cake gave us a free mini version of our wedding cake to compensate for a slight SNAFU at the wedding. (That SNAFU being that our cake got ruined on their way to the venue and they had to go back to the bakery and remake the entire cake as the reception was starting.) Stressful? Yes. However, the mini version of our cake was a wonderful consolation!

We took our Kindergarten field trip to our nearby pumpkin patch. It was a BEAUTIFUL day–albeit, a bit outrageously windy. We were able to participate in a bunch of neat pumpkin activities, and even go through their corn maze! Have you ever lead a group of 5 and 6-year-olds through a corn maze?? It’s not for the light of heart.

I’ve spent the last three Sundays peeling enough apples to feed approximately five armies. K’s friend discovered my apple crisp and has been straight.up.obsessed. He drove an hour and a half last Sunday JUST to come here and pick up an apple crisp. Granted, it’s my mother-in-law’s recipe and it’s twenty-three kinds of AMAZING. I’ve thrown the idea around of sharing the recipe on here. . . we’ll see.

We kind of got a new baby. By accident. You know the friend I just mentioned that is obsessed with apple crisp? Well, a few weeks ago, he came home with not one, but TWO puppies. This friend also has twin nine-month-old baby boys. So when he came home with TWO PUPPIES, his wife was less than thrilled. They brought their whole crew down to visit for the weekend, and he suckered K into keeping one.

Anyway. Her name is Remington, or Remi, for short. She’s a Shiba Inu, and she enjoys the taste of human toes, cat turds, and she has an extremely irritating uncanny ability to locate the TINIEST scrap of paper/plastic/godknowswhat on the floor and eat it before I can get to her. She’s eaten K’s tablet charger, half of a flip-flop, and got into a pretty nasty sparring match with the poor cat.

Jessie was NOT very keen about her the first few days, but they’ve grown to be close buddies. Remi has been giving Jessie some much, much needed exercise. And in turn, Jessie has been really good about playing with Remi and keeping her from eating shoes   terrorizing the cat   destroying the village  getting into too much trouble.

I’m forever putting their antics on Snapchat. My username is memishelly13 if you want to see a good show!

Thanks for putting up with my life update! (Even though approximately two people read this blog) I’ll do my best to posting somewhat regularly now that I’m settled into the school year and parent-teacher conferences are over. *insert praise hands emoji here*

Until next time!