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2% life update, 98% puppy woes

Remember that time that I said I should be able to post somewhat-regularly now that school has started?

Ha. ha. ha.

My bad, y’all.

I’ll give you the Spark Note version of my life since I posted last:


Sarah got to come home right around New Year’s! It was amazing to see her and hear about all of the amazing things she was learning about at the time. Just recently, the Navy selected her to fly helicopters, which is exactly what she wanted. I’m so proud and amazed of what she’s doing! My bestie is more badass than yours. End of.

Side note: I almost didn’t allow myself to post this picture because part of my necklace is turned around and it makes me twitch. OCD, you are a cruel beast.¬†


Remember that teeny, tiny puppy we got? She’s 8 months old, and a pure hellion now. I’m talking pure evil here, people. Don’t let that sweet face fool you. She know’s the precise moment that I sit down and put my feet up and chooses that time to do one (or sometimes multiple) of the following activities:

  • maul the poor (clawless) cat
  • chew on the entertainment center
  • chew on a dining room chair
  • chew on the leg of the ottoman
  • root through the litter box and prance into the living room with a fresh turd in her mouth
  • try to gnaw off Jessie’s leg
  • body check Jessie’s repeatedly until she plays with her
  • tries to steal whatever Jessie is playing with/chewing on so she’ll play with her instead
  • climb on a dining room chair and unpack my teacher bag
  • flip over the water dish and proceed to drag it across the house
  • bring me my shoe (always the same one- my left tennis shoe)
  • chew on the windowsill while she stares at the birds outside

All of these activities take place usually within about 5.8 seconds. It’s infuriating. Now, I’ve had dogs my whole life, and we’ve had multiple puppies over the course of my childhood. I know that when a puppy is a straight-up asshole, it means they’re bored. But wearing her out is literally in EVERY sense of the word, impossible.

That picture I posted of her? That was after approximately 3, 942 throws of the stick. AND SHE’S STILL SMILING. I can’t. Cannot. I’m going to get carpal tunnel in my shoulder from the amount of times that I throw a stick in a day. We have a Chuck-It, but she’s uninterested in chasing balls, just sticks. Or should I say branches. She enjoys finding the branch closest to her body size and brings it to me to throw until my arm falls off. Then she comes inside and repeats the above activities until she crashes for about 11 minutes. Let me tell you, they are the most glorious minutes of my life.

When the fields are dry, we’ll take a nice 2-3 mile hike and she can run to her heart’s content. However, even then she’ll come back and still be ready to play. Poor Jessie is damn near wheezing at that point and just wants to collapse. I’m not looking forward to when the famers get their crops in and we can’t take our hikes anymore. Since our house is surrounded by fields on 3 sides and a highway on the 4th, there’s really no other walking option for us.

If you’ve got ideas, please throw me a bone!


I’m still absolutely LOVING Kindergarten! I always looked forward to the point in my life when I can securely say that I love my job, and I really do. After teaching third, the thought of going to K kind of made my stomach turn, but I am so pleasantly surprised! I get to sing and dance and act goofy all day, and the kids are right there with me. Sometimes the data collection can get a bit insane, but I’ll take that over 9 million papers to grade every week!

This update got a bit long. Oops. I’m not going to make any ridiculous promises as to when I’ll post again. However, I know I’ll be back blogging full force in the summer. I’ll see ya when I see ya!