Monthly Archives: May 2017


Guys, I’m so, so bad at this. I don’t even want to look back at the last time I posted. Instead, let’s have a life update via bullet points.

  • K and I bought a house and moved an hour and a half north back to my hometown (buying a house quick-fast-and-in-a-hurry is NOT recommended for first time home buyers, FYI)
  • I’m teaching Kindergarten in the same elementary school that I attended as a child *insert Circle of Life song*circleoflife.jpg
  • I’m co-coaching the high school dance team I used to be on
    *continue singing*
  • K is still a mechanic, but he’s chosen to go back to school for Gunsmithing (shouts out to SDI!)

A bit more about living in town: I was positive K was going to hate it after about 2.5 days, but he’s really surprised me by loving it! I think the ease of NOT having to drive 30 minutes to work/the store/major civilization combined with the fact he can now mow our yard in 20 minutes rather than 90 reeeeeally won him over.

The dogs are adjusting well…ish. Poor Jessie misses getting to meander where-ever she pleases. I miss our old yard for the ease of being able to let Remi run off all her energy with minimal supervision. However, living in town has proven beneficial in the way that I actually have places to walk the dogs!

I’m looking forward to the start of summer vacation (15 days, but who’s counting??) so I can really buckle down in finishing getting the house in order (when you move in during late fall and after the start of the school year, there’s minimal time to get everything unpacked. I’m looking at you, office.)

That’s surely enough babbling for now. I’ll leave you with my favorite part of our new house.