about me

Hi, I’m Michelle! I’m married to Kellen, and together we have 2 furbabies.

I’m a passionate lover (hoarder?) of office supplies, things that sparkle, and DIY projects.
When those three things come together– drool. 

My two most redeeming qualities include throwing things into a pan and having them turn out edible, and finding cheap makeup and hair products that make it look like I can afford to shop at Ulta.

I started blogging on a whim because I’m a professional dabbler. Photography, cosmetology, DIY-ing (is that a verb?), and now Blogging. I’m a creative soul that isn’t happy unless I’m doing something crafty. I also have a high level of self-diagnosed ADD that bores me of things quickly allows me to try my hand at many new hobbies.

My big girl job is teaching Kindergarten. Honestly, if it weren’t for teaching, I don’t know what I’d do. I’m not good at anything else professionally (and I certainly don’t get paid for dabbling) and adults aggravate me 103% of the time.

I’m born and raised in the Midwest–Illinois specifically. The real Illinois– with county fairs, tractor pulls, and not a health food store for miles. Kellen and I call the tiny town of Stronghurst home. If you’ve heard of it before, I’ll give you a fried pickle.


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