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August Birchbox Breakdown

I have a severe love-hate relationship for buying new products that are full-sized. I love, love, LOVE experimenting with new products but I absolutely hate when I don’t like it and the whole other 98% of what I bought goes to waste.

Enter: Birchbox.

Seriously. If you haven’t tried it and you’re like me, TRY.IT. Or even if you don’t like trying new products, give it a try! It’s fun to discover things you wouldn’t have tried anyway.

I’ve always wanted to be one of those cool bloggers who reviewed products and people listen to them and go buy that stuff. Now, Michelle, let’s be realistic. in blog-world. So, I’m going to review them anyway for myself because it makes me feel cool. Here goes!

Juicy Couture– I Am Juicy Couture

I loved this perfume. I was SO excited when I saw it in the box this month! I’m usually not a fan of the perfumes that they send. It usually goes like this: Michelle opens the box and sees perfume. She sprays the perfume and smells excitedly, then makes a face and throws the perfume in a drawer with all the other perfumes she’s gotten. This was NOT one of those. I’ve used it every day since I got it. I even looked it up to see how much it would be to buy the full-sized bottle. Y’ALL. 94 dollars. Nope, nope, nope. I cannot justify spending that much on perfume when I’m around tiny humans all day, every day, and come home smelling like glue and feet. Nope.

Final verdict: I WISH.

IPKN Flash Cream Radiant Primer

I really had high hopes for this. As a teacher, I DO.FREAKING.NOT. have time to reapply or even check my makeup during the day. My foundation & powder are always, and I do mean ALWAYS completely gone be the end of the day because of myself (or other tiny hands) touching/wiping my face. My makeup remover cloth never even shows traces of foundation at night when I take it off. Anyway. Unfortunately, this product was a big let-down. I even paired it with the next product in hopes that they would work together to finally get my foundation and powder to stay put. No dice.

Final verdict: Would not buy full-size product.

Coola SPF 30 Organic Makeup-Setting Spray

This stuff was also a let down. As I mentioned before, I even paired it with the makeup primer above, but I did not notice that my makeup looked any better at the end of the day than it usually does. Also, this stuff SMELLED. It smelled like Icy-Hot. No.Thank.You.Ma’am. 78.385% of whether I like a product or not depends on if it smells good.

Final verdict: NOPE

PARLOR Smoothing Blow-Out Spray

Let’s get something straight first. Blow dryers and I are NOT friends. I don’t ever blow dry my hair because it takes SO dang long (curse you, thick hair!). It usually takes about FORTY-FIVE MINUTES. That being said, I finally bit the bullet and took the time to blow dry my hair so I could use this. Smell factor: amazing. I think this stuff even sped up my blow dry time by about 7 minutes. When your arms are cursing at you because you’re a wimp and have no upper body strength and you’ve been blow drying your hair for 38 minutes already, 7 minutes is a REAL big deal. It did make my hair very smooth and shiny as well, which was nice.

Final verdict: Would not buy, for the sole fact that I am entirely too lazy to spend 45 38 minutes blow drying my hair every day. Ain’t NOBODY got time for that.

LAQA & Co. Cheeky Lip

Birchbox read my mind on this one. Literally, the day it came I was thinking that morning about how I always pick a boring pink color to put on my lips, and that I should try something in a coral-y shade. I opened up the box, and, TA-DA! A coral shade, entitled Cray-Cray, was right there waiting for me. I excitedly put it on ASAP. I really didn’t like the texture right off the bat. Also, it went on in a way that it wasn’t very thick and the color was really streaky. I also found that it wore off super and I do mean SUPER fast. The color was spot on as to what I wanted, but I was disappointed. Sad day 😦 My quest for the perfect coral lipstick is still on!

Final verdict: Would not buy.

So overall, I would say this box is a flop. I really did like the perfume and the blow-out spray, but because I’m a practical gal, none of the products will be purchased again. At least I’m only out $20! Thanks, Birchbox! See you in September.


weekend with friends

Lately, we’ve gotten the opportunity to hang out nearly every weekend with some pretty awesome friends. K and him are basically the same people in different bodies. It makes for one intense bromance.

Anyway, they have two A.DOR.A.BLE. twin boys. Like, make-me-wanna-have-babies type babies. Gah. They also have two little fluffy white dogs. Jessie adores ALL OF THESE THINGS. That being said, we took her with us while we stayed basically moved in for the weekend. She was in.heaven. For real, guys. She wasn’t sure whether to lick the babies every time one of them made a sound or play with the dogs until they all fell over from exhaustion.

We had an awesome weekend. We got a rare opportunity to have a nice dinner, sans babies. There was much alcohol and even more laughter. It was definitely the kind of weekend we needed.

K and I were pooped by the end. Jessie managed to eat dinner, find her favorite ball, then was dead to the world for a full 36 hours. As I took this picture, she was snoring so loud it was basically sucking the paint off the walls.

Thanks for enduring my little life update– it was definitely a weekend to be remembered!