diving in

Hello, blog world! I’m anticipating that nobody will ever read this. As K says, this will be another one of my “projects” that I start with gusto for days and then . . . . poof. Gone.

He may be right. I’m giving my last project the stink-eye. It was messy and required vacuuming afterwards. Not about that life.

Even I’m not sure why I’m starting a blog. This very well could be the product of me stalking reading my favorite blogs a liiiiiiittle too much now that I have time to because it’s summer.

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, Michelle. List the things you want to blog about when you forget in the future:

  • makeup and hair for broke girls…. because, teacher’s salary
    • reviews of cheap makeup/hair products that make me look presentable (HOLLA)
  • recipes that I make up on the fly and my husband still eats
  • random life undertakings and babblings

I’m a list freak. I have lists for my lists. I forget ALLTHETHINGS if they’re not on a list. It’s one of my many¬†qualities¬†quirks things K makes fun of me for.

Michelle, you’re boring the invisible people out there! Sorry.