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weekend with friends

Lately, we’ve gotten the opportunity to hang out nearly every weekend with some pretty awesome friends. K and him are basically the same people in different bodies. It makes for one intense bromance.

Anyway, they have two A.DOR.A.BLE. twin boys. Like, make-me-wanna-have-babies type babies. Gah. They also have two little fluffy white dogs. Jessie adores ALL OF THESE THINGS. That being said, we took her with us while we stayed¬†basically moved in for the weekend. She was in.heaven. For real, guys. She wasn’t sure whether to lick the babies every time one of them made a sound or play with the dogs until they all fell over from exhaustion.

We had an awesome weekend. We got a rare opportunity to have a nice dinner, sans babies. There was much alcohol and even more laughter. It was definitely the kind of weekend we needed.

K and I were pooped by the end. Jessie managed to eat dinner, find her favorite ball, then was dead to the world for a full 36 hours. As I took this picture, she was snoring so loud it was basically sucking the paint off the walls.

Thanks for enduring my little life update– it was definitely a weekend to be remembered!